Responsible Gambling

Understanding Responsible Gambling

Responsible gambling involves making informed decisions about how much time and money we are comfortable spending on gambling. It’s about recognizing that gambling should be fun, not a way to make money, and understanding the risks involved.

Tips for responsible Gambling

Set Limits: Decide on a specific amount you are willing to spend on gambling, and do not exceed this limit.

Set a Time Limit: Decide how long you will gamble, and stick to this limit.

Don’t Chase Losses: It’s easy to fall into the trap of trying to win back money that you’ve lost, but this often leads to losing more.

Gambling is Not a Solution to Financial Problems: Using gambling as a way to make money or solve financial problems can lead to significant problems in the long run.

Balance Gambling with Other Activities: Make sure gambling isn’t your only form of entertainment. Balance gambling with other recreational activities.

Know When to Take a Break: If gambling is causing stress, anxiety, or any form of discomfort, take a break.

Recognizing Problem Gambling

Problem gambling can have serious social and financial consequences, not just for the gamblers, but also for their families. Signs of problem gambling include:

  • Spending more money and time on gambling than intended.
  • Feeling distressed, anxious, or guilty about gambling.
  • Trying to win back lost money.
  • Borrowing or stealing money to gamble.

Getting Help and Support

If you or someone you know is struggling with problem gambling, there are many organizations in New Zealand that offer help and support:

At, we are committed to promoting responsible gambling. We believe in providing a safe and secure environment for our players, and we encourage you to gamble responsibly.

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