New Casinos NZ

Here we have made a compilation of new online casinos that have the most to offer their players in 2020.
This includes payments, range of games & casino games, support times, casino bonuses and terms & licensing.

New casinos 2020

Online casinos are constantly emerging, and today’s casino industry continues to grow and develop at a rapid pace. The reason for this is that new casinos are constantly being launched that work hard to innovate and stand out from the crowd. As a player, this brings with it many advantages and opportunities, but of course it can also feel a little insecure to try something completely new without knowing what to expect. That is why we have created this page and taken it upon ourselves to test and evaluate newly launched casinos, so that you will know who is up to the mark. We also give you several useful tips on what to consider when it comes to choosing an online casino for your next gaming adventure.

new casinos

To consider when choosing a new casino

Do you know how many online casinos there are? Neither do we! The range of gaming sites today is huge, and the number of casinos is growing with each passing month. A decade or so ago, there were a handful of “giants” that mattered, but today new casinos are constantly appearing and stirring the pot with generous casino bonuses, smooth withdrawals and various casino games. But of course, not everything new is good. As the range of legitimate, decent and well-made casinos grows, there are also more rogue players. It is usually quite easy to see if a casino is up to standard or not.

Decision anxiety can affect us all, and there is so much in life you have to decide. Which pension fund should you have? What color will look best on the house? What kind of mustard really suits the sausage best? Which of all the new casinos is best to choose?

We cannot help you with the pension fund, but when it comes to new online casinos, we have a good view of the situation and are more than happy to share our tips. The points worth checking out for all online players include:

Gaming license & taxation – The most important thing when it comes to choosing from new casinos is to think about security. Given that it is about your personal information and hard-earned money, it is absolutely central to ensure that the casino you choose is serious and puts the player’s safety first. If the casino in question holds licenses from MGA, UK Gambling Commission or Curacao, we can not guarantee that you play completely tax-free and it is up to each player to check this.

Bonuses & wagering requirements – This is usually seen quite directly when browsing an online casino. The welcome bonus, if one is offered, is usually the first thing that appears on the casino’s website. However, always check the terms and conditions of the bonus you are playing with as these can vary enormously and sometimes mean more hassle than benefits. Do not stare blindly at the sum, but try to assess whether the bonus is really worth playing with. Here, of course, different players have different preferences as well. Some prefer a smaller bonus with a high match percentage. Others prefer to bet on a giant bonus with a lower matching percentage, while others prefer to skip bonus games entirely depending on the wagering requirements that are added.

Game range – When it comes to casino games, this can also vary a lot from casino to casino. Some have chosen to offer everything that is usually included in the casino such as slot machines and table games, others have chosen to skip things like live casino and can instead offer their players to bet on e-sports and odds. Depending on what type of game you are drawn to, not all gaming sites are right

Design and functionality

We are used to seeing different online casinos and often compare different gaming companies and gaming sites as a large part of our work is to review and be able to give an idea of ​​how games on different sites work. During our years of gambling at various online casinos and betting sites, we have learned to pretty quickly sift through what actually makes a new online casino particularly unique. But many times you see that most of today’s new online casinos have more or less the same design and layout.

This is not a coincidence or coincidence, but it has been shown in various studies what works best and what people enjoy best in the long run. We have always had a little extra eye for a little more stripped down and stylish design in general, but also to a very high degree when we choose a new online casino to play at.

This becomes even clearer when you look at what today’s New Zeelands online casinos look like. For those who have been engaged in online casino games for longer than since 2019, there is a marked difference in the design and appearance of new casinos aimed at NZ players. The neon-colored websites with flashing texts like Las Vegas are no longer particularly common today!


New casinos are mobile-friendly

New online casinos launched today are developed with HTML5 technology, which is an important part of making a modern website work smoothly even for mobile users. This makes it possible for all players to both choose a gaming site, register and get started with their gaming easily and smoothly, without it mattering much what type of device you play with.

Mobile casino is now more common than playing via a computer or laptop. This is no stranger than handling banking or shopping over the phone. With the latest technology, you as a player do not need to download a casino app to access your favorite games, but it is enough to surf to the casino’s website via your browser on any device, regardless of whether you use iOS or Android devices.

Benefits of playing at new casinos

As I said, there are several reasons why players choose to apply to a new casino over choosing one of the more established companies. What you see as an advantage can of course vary from person to person depending on how you play, but here are some of the main aspects that make many people choose new online casinos.

– Mobile adapted. As mentioned above – Being able to play no matter what device you are on, computer, mobile or tablet is a function that we take for granted today. Of course, most casino companies have made sure to adapt and develop their sites, but often it is still the new casinos that can seamlessly offer great gaming experiences on all different platforms as complete mobile casinos.

– Latest payment methods. This is also a great advantage of choosing new casinos. We already mentioned in the previous paragraph the example of bank identification which is now being implemented by more and more gaming companies. By becoming a customer of newly launched casinos, you can with much greater certainty expect that the latest is also offered among the payment methods.

– Current range of games. If you are new to the market, you of course also want to be able to offer the latest in games. When you browse through the offer at a new casino, you should therefore be able to find both the latest slot games and often also live casino, as these are two game categories that attract great interest among today’s players. It is often also possible to test play for free. At the same time, the more classic games are also included, so if it’s an older game you simply can not get tired of, it should not be a problem. If you want to be sure, you can always do a quick search of the offer before you make your choice.

Bonus on new online casinos

New casinos that appear online usually have to be quite creative and inventive when it comes to standing out, and the reason for that is because there are already so many online casinos to choose from. Many times it is about a new casino that is launched under the same gaming license as several other gaming sites that have existed before. In such cases, it’s still possible to receive bonuses on those sites. Most new casinos that open their virtual gates thus offer some kind of welcome bonus. This can be anything from a 100% deposit bonus, to a cashback bonus that gives back a bit on any losses or free spins generated in connection with your first deposit.

Frequently asked questions about new casinos

How do I find new casinos?

It is not always as new online casinos make themselves known with commercials and similar marketing. Here at, however, we always keep our eyes and ears open for new casinos and gaming companies for NZ players, so with us you can always find reviews of new online casinos that are available online.

Is it just as safe to play at new casinos?

Sometimes it can be safer to play at a new online casino than an older one. It all depends mainly on which gaming license the casino holds. We always recommend licensed gaming companies where both payments are handled safely and securely, while all security functions such as deposit limits and the like occur. An additional advantage of a license is that you often avoid taxing the profits.

Can you get a bonus at new casinos?

If the new casino that you have registered for offers a welcome bonus, then you are free to play with a bonus. Just be sure to check out the casino’s bonus terms and conditions first. » New Casinos